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High performance Content Delivery Network (CDN) for the delivery of digital media - videos, music, games and downloads. Optimized for digital media, ExchangeGuru’s distributed delivery network gives you instant global reach and consistent performance worldwide. Accelerate your Web-based applications and dynamically-generated content while providing fast and flawless media and software delivery.

Our CDN ensures quality delivery by enabling content providers to place their entire media library in the CDN environment, where it is available for direct global distribution to broadband and mobile audiences. ExchangeGuru’s CDN provides complete global coverage and place the content on the edge of the Internet near end-users

  • Scales on demand for high performance and availability
  • Increases site speed and performance
  • Content instantly available at the edge of the Internet
  • Outstanding reliability
  • Requires no additional infrastructure
  • Lower bandwidth costs
  • Ensures smooth operation through support & services , 24/7 Customer Support
  • Multiple bandwidth plan options ranging from 250GB to 10,000GB
  • Optional site-to-site data replication
  • Real-time, detailed reporting
  • Easy-to-use online CDN control panel

How it works?

The CDN is a caching system that directs your customers to the nearest caching server (or node). By distributing the servers in key locations on the Internet, and transferring content via the shortest path to the Internet subscriber. As the customer accesses your web site, they retrieve content from the node instead of the origin server, reducing the load on that server and allowing for much faster delivery of the content. With On-demand Propagation, content from your origin site is instantly pushed out to each caching server only when it is being requested from a specific geographic location. This results in increased performance and cost savings.

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