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5 phone lines, 10 concurrent calls
380 GB transfer/month
$599.99 per month
10 phone lines, 20 concurrent calls
760 GB transfer/month
$749.99 per month
20 phone lines,40 concurrent calls
1120 GB transfer/month
$999.99 per month

Dedicated Hosted VOIP

Included with all plans:

  • HP Proliant latest generation dual core hardware
  • No set up fee
  • Unlimited local and long distance calling (US and Canada)
  • 24/7 support
  • Flexbile messaging: Voice mail to email, online access to messages
  • Virtual conference rooms
  • Easily transfer/forward calls to any extension or outside number
  • Unlimited Hunt and Ring groups
  • Customized specially for you:  Auto attendant, Music on Hold
  • Your own IP
  • Customized sub menus and call routing
  • Caller ID, call transfer, call hold, 3 way calling, call waiting
  • Minimum of 380 GB transfer/month burstable

    ExchangeGuru dedicated hosted Voip solution is a dedicated PBX system which is designed specifically according to your business needs. It fully automates the handling of your inbound calls. You will enjoy all the benefits and flexibility of your own dedicated high-end PBX phone system without the capital investment.  We provide a comprehensive suite of outsourced phone services which enable small companies to leverage the features and functions of a Fortune 500 phone system without the dramatic associated expense. Small companies can operate much like large enterprises with a simple, outsourced telecommunication service. Our services are designed to meet even the most demanding communications needs. We are committed to providing feature-rich, top-quality services at very competitive rates and we pride ourselves for being extremely responsive and available to our customers.

    ExchangeGuru's Dedicated Hosted Voip service provides your organization with its own server, fully managed and maintained by our expert staff, 24x7, in our industry-leading datacenter. When you outsource your PBX, you retain all the benefits of an in-house Voip server – but with no expensive hardware, software or administrative overhead.

    All of our Dedicated Hosted Voip solutions include the following
    • 24/7 support: Unlimited support and consultation services.
    • Customization: Our team of experts will help you design the right configuration for your business needs. You will get a custom made PBX with the exact features that fit you.
    • Management services: We will install the server, design the configuration and execute according to your instructions. We will maintain the server and software, and make sure all is up to date. We will help you add users and features
    • 24/7 Server and network Monitoring: Extensive network and services monitoring, real time events analysis and instant response to monitoring down events. Our monitoring services allow instant access to server performance and automatic notification via email of critical service failures. Round-the-clock system monitoring allows potential problems to be addressed before they occur.  
    • Reliability: we have a track record of stable and trouble free hosting for our customers over the last 5 years. We are proud of our 99.99% uptime. All of our servers are Hewlett Packard latest generation, with full hardware replacement (extended warranty).
    • Bandwidth: minimum of 380GB per month transfer (burstable to 100Mbits).
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