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Enterprise Fiber Storage Solution
In today's dynamic marketplace, organizations are growing and evolving at a rapid pace. As a result, they are generating and maintaining more business information then ever before - and the amount of data continues to increase at a significant rate.

ExchangeGuru offers hight-speed high-preformance storage area networks that provide companies with the power and flexibility they need to swiftly respond to changing needs and emerging requirements, while reducing the cost and complexity of storage management.
Client can instantly add expanded storage to their applications and database solutions as needed - So thebusiness systems they rely on can grow as they do, easily and addoradbly.

Our storage area network solutions also simplify data management, movement, and backup, while enhancing scalability, accelerating data access, increasing network efficiency and improving availability.
Possible storage solution:
Benefit of storage managed by ExchangeGuru
  • Provides fully-managed, on-demand outsourced storage
  • Delivers a safe, reliable, scalable approach to managing data storage growth
  • Minimizes reliance on internal systems and complex storage architectures
  • Uses proven fiber SAN, SAN High availability and NAS infrastructures
  • Operatoins Center, help desk and call centers provided 24 X 7 X 365 support
  • Virtually unlimited primary storage capacity
  • Works seamlessly wih our backup and restores service
  • Guaranteed Service Level Agreement cvering availability, capacity, backup restore, and retention.
  • Optional site-to-site data replication
  • Optional Boot from SAN via fiber
  • Traditionally, servers boot operating systems from internal storage devices. Booting from an external device decreases downtime through faster server replacement in the event of a server failure:
    • Redundant storage paths
    • Disaster recovery
    • Improved security
    • Minimal server maintenance
    • Reduced impact on production servers
    • Reduced backup time
HP Fiber Enterprise Virtual Array
The HP Fiber Enterprise Virtual Array is specifically designed to deliver maximum, high-bandwidth performance for low latency read/write operations typically demanded by High Performance Computing. As requirements dictate additional storage can be seamlessly added. It provides flexibility in system management, configuration, connectivity, and performance to meet the needs of the changing business environment. For the most challenging IT problems the HP Fiber Enterprise Virtual Array offers resilient solutions:
  • Open systems: HP Fiber Enterprise Virtual Array supports various operating systems and servers to meet your operational requirements. A robust storage infrastructure accommodates new business models, unexpected growth, and corporate reorganizations.
  • High availability: Redundant fabric designs, storage replication, dynamic failover protection, traffic rerouting, and server clustering enables to provide enterprise-class availability to open systems servers.
  • Server and storage consolidation: Multiple servers and backup systems can share storage for efficient processing and increased availability.
  • Security: Supports network security measures, such as authentication, authorization, access control, and zoning.
  • Online scalability: You can add storage capacity or expand the fabric as needs change. You can add and remove servers, and increase, change, or reassign storage while the SAN is online
  • Modularity: Modular design simplifies SAN scalability and increases ROI by consolidating and sharing systems.
  • Reliability: Multiple levels of redundancy ensure 100% availability of your mission-critical data. A minimum of RAID 5 is built into each configuration with available hot standby fiber hard drives, redundant power supplies, processors, HBAs, and network switches. We've carefully engineered our storage solutions to ensure no single point of failure exists
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