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Flash Media Server 3
Adobe Flash media Server 3 offers the best solution for developing, deploying, and delivering communications, collaboration, and real-time data in websites and Rich Internet Applications. It has a unique combination of powerful streaming media capabilities and a flexible environment for creating and delivering interactive social media applications to the broadest possible audience
    • $199.99 / Month
    • Transfer/month 250 GB
    • Peak bandwidth 5 MBps
    • Storage 10GB

    • $349.99 / Month
    • Transfer/month 500 GB
    • Peak bandwidth 10 MBps
    • Storage 20GB

    • $549.99 / Month
    • Transfer/month 1 TB
    • Peak bandwidth 20 MBps
    • Storage 30GB

    • $799.99 / Month
    • Transfer/month 2 TB
    • Peak bandwidth 40 MBps
    • Storage 50GB

Included with all plans
  • Hardware: Hewlett Packard latest generation
  • No setup fee
  • Daily Backup
  • 24/7 support
  • 99.99% Uptime
Flash Media server 3 Features
  • provides a complete development and deployment solution for integrating multi-way audio, video and real-time data into your website and Rich Internet Applications
  • purposely built for delivering streaming media, rich media messaging, and real time collaboration
  • provides a single environment for building custom communication solutions that integrate with existing sites and applications
  • enables applications developed with this Server to be deployed to the Macromedia Flash Player, which means they will be viewable by the widest possible audience
Use Flash Media Server 3 Hosting for
  • Enhanced VoD: Stream FLV with deep interactivity, playlist support, and more
  • Video Blogging & Messaging: Video recording on the server enables rich media communication applications such as video blogging and messaging
  • Real-Time A/V Communications: Low latency, multi-user audio, video and text enable rich communication applications
  • Multi-User Flash Applications: Whiteboarding, Interactive Classrooms, Chat and much more.
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