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      ExchangeGuru’s Hosted Spam Filter and Anti Virus solution eliminates spam by offering you reliable and redundant filters that stop spam before it reaches your mail server, whether you host your email with us, or not. Our state-of-the-art multi layered clustered appliance defense system make sure that your email server do not fall prey to mail spam, viruses, phishing attempts or other virtual threats and promise you 100% availability. What's more, our spam filters and spam firewalls ensure that all legitimate emails reach their destination without delay.

 “Spam accounts for 45% of all e-mails, or 15 billion messages every day, and costs business world-wide a total of $20 billion a year in lost productivity and technology expenses, according to the Radicati Group, a market research firm in Palo Alto, CA. The firm predicts the number of daily Spams will rise to more than 50 billion by 2007, and costs will reach almost $200 billion per year”

Wall Street Journal, August 2003

 Features and Benefits

  • Enhanced protection from multiple filtering layers helps secure networks from unwanted e-mail
  • Fast Setup and Easy to use-simple MX record change-and the filter system is activated.
  • Complete Compatibility. Compatible with any email system. It does not matter what operating system, mail server, or email program is used by an organization or by its Internet Service Provider.
  • Server downtime doesn't mean disaster: If there are any problems in connectivity or if your server is down, our spam filtering service hold your email until your server becomes available – minus the spam
  • Superior Email Server performance: Incoming mail is drastically reduced as soon as the spam system is activated, which means not only does it block spam , viruses and other virtual threats before they can enter your enterprise firewall, but by doing so, saves you time, money, server capacity and bandwidth!
  • No Hardware to buy or maintain. Requires no hardware or software purchase, no installation, and no upfront costs. Simplifies IT environment by minimizing the need to deploy, configure, monitor, and update in-house e-mail security servers and applications.
  • Increased end-user productivity as a result of a cleaner, safer inbox from superior spam filtering
  • Virtually no impact to legitimate e-mail from incorrect filtering
  • Intelligent detection algorithms and continual updates from the expert spam team help eliminate tuning by administrators

 Filtering Accuracy

  • Virus Blocking: 100% protection against all known email viruses
  • Spam Capture: Capture of at least 95% of all inbound spam email
  • False Positive Ratio: False positive commitment of less than 1 in 250,000 emails

   ExchangeGuru’s spam filtering service combines many detection techniques for example:

  • continuously updated heuristic rules that identify common phrases or patterns in spam message body text or headers;
  • message signature analysis to compare the ‘fingerprint’ of incoming email messages to known junk mail;
  • blacklists of mail servers, domains, or networks known to be used by spammers;
  • message authenticity checks based on header analysis and other data;
  • a probabilistic engine using Bayesian algorithms to assess the likelihood of a message being spam; and
  • Whitelists and blacklists that allow or reject messages based on the sender

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