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VoIP Features and Benefits

From advanced Voice Mail to Follow Me, ExchangeGuru VOIP offers all of the features that enable even the smallest business to sound and act like a large enterprise. Keep your number or get a vanity 800 number, the choice is yours!

  • Auto-Attendant - a powerful automated VOIP business service that replaces need for a receptionist: Custom main greeting, Dial by extension or name, Company directory
  • Business/after hours auto attendant - Set your calls answering options during business and after hours.
  • Unlimited Calling
    • Unlimited extension-to-extension calling anywhere in the world.
    • Unlimited Calling to any telephone number in the United States.
    • Unlimited international calls (most plans).
  • Virtual Office Capability
    • Take your VOIP phone anywhere in the world with a high-speed internet connection as if you were in the office.
    • Soft phone for your pc/laptop.
  • Ring/Hunt Groups
    • Incoming calls can be routed to different extensions simultaneously.
    • Incoming calls can be routed to a group of phones simultaneously or a consecutive pattern.
    • Failover upon no answer to voicemail.
    • Great for a team of customer service reps of sales people.
  • Virtual Conference Room
    • a conference system that provides a way to hold meetings involving participants at multiple sites, saving travel time and expenses for all involved.
    • Up to 20 callers per a conference room.
    • External dial-in number for customers, clients, etc.
    • Great for virtual meetings, presentations, conferences, etc.
  • Business-class Voicemail
    • Listen to voicemails via attached email, through supplied phone or remotely access voicemail from the web.
    • Voicemail Notification via Email.
    • Alert notification or with voicemail audio file attachment.
  • Caller ID, call transfer, call hold, 3 way calling, call waiting.
  • Call Queue
    • Callers can be placed in a waiting area when all lines are busy.
    • Incoming calls can be routed to a group of available extensions simultaneously.
    • Caller is announced their position and hold music is played.
    • Employees can login & logout of a Queue.
    • Failover to voicemail, ring group or extension after a specified period of time, or when no agents are logged into the queue.
    • Great for a team of customer service reps or sales people.
  • True Multi Line Solution Multiple incoming and outgoing lines on the same number.
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