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Why Hosted Exchange

Get the full functionality of Exchange, without all the hassles of supporting it. Managed Exchange is more than a technology solution. It's a service solution, too—designed to be as simple and as flexible as possible.

There’s no question that Microsoft Exchange 2003 helps increase a business’s overall productivity through advanced messaging and collaboration capabilities. But the resources required to implement and maintain this sophisticated system can be prohibitive for many organizations. If this sounds like you, a hosted solution from ExchangeGuru might be the answer you’re looking for.

ExchangeGuru Hosted Exchange 2003 gives you all the functionality of Microsoft’s powerful solution faster and at a far lower cost. In fact, a company with 50 employees can save approximately $80,000 over three years by outsourcing its Exchange function to ExchangeGuru. Hosted Exchange allows you to enjoy the same enterprise-strength IT that Fortune 500 companies have, but at a price you can afford.

Since 2002 ExchangeGuru has been providing hosting solutions globally to small-mid size businesses.

Reduce Costs:
* Save thousands of dollars on hardware and software, backup appliance, backup  software, etc.
* Save thousands of dollars on IT personnel to set up and maintain it on ongoing basis. Allocate IT resources to revenue enhancing projects.

Clustered and Redundant architecture:
High performance infrastructure to meet your mission-critical applications demands.

Anti spam and viruses protection:

Award winning spam and virus filtering are included with most of our Exchange hosting plans.

Total hardware and software support:

Save thousands of dollars of in-house costs of equipment and experienced staff. Receive quick customer service 24x7x365 from system experts.

Service Guarantee
99.99% uptime for Microsoft Exchange Server hosting.

Own and operate own equipment:

ExchangeGuru owns and operate all of its equipment and are not reselling someone else’s services, thus providing you with the full support that you need.

Data backup protocol:

ExchangeGuru has comprehensive data back up and recovery plans. Benefit from proven backup and recovery practices.

Enterprise Data Centers:

Professionally engineered hosting environment in a secured Class A data center.

System/network Security:
Secure connectivity via SSL, 24/7 extensive monitoring, secured network architecture
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